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toolsmith: Memory Analysis with DumpIt and Volatility

Sept. 11, 2001: “To honor those whose lives were lost, their families, and all who sacrifice that we may live in freedom. We will never forget.“

Reprinted with permission for the author only from the September 2011 ISSA Journal


SIFT 2.1 if you’d like a forensics-focused virtual machine with Volatility ready to go
Python version 2.6 or higher on Window, Linux, or Mac OS X
Some plugins require third party libraries


Two recent releases give cause for celebration and discussion in toolsmith. First, in July, Matthieu Suiche of MoonSols released DumpIt for general consumption, a “fusion of win32dd and win64dd in one executable.” Running DumpIt on the target system generates a copy of the physical memory in the current directory. That good news was followed by Ken Pryor’s post on the SANS Computer Forensics Blog (I’m a regular reader, you should be too) mentioning the fact that Volatility 2.0 had been released in time for the Open Memory Forensics Workshop, and that S…