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Presenting OWASP Top 10 Tools & Tactics at ISSA International

The ISSA International Conference is coming up this week in Baltimore; I'll be presenting OWASP Top 10 Tools and Tactics based on work for the InfoSecInstitute article of the same name.
If you're in Baltimore and planning to attend, stop by Friday, October 21 at 2:20pm in Room 304.
I'll be discussing and demonstrating tools such as Burp Suite, Tamper Data, ZAP, Samurai WTF, Watobo, Watcher, Nikto, and others as well as tactics for their use as part of SDL/SDLC best practices.

If you’ve spent any time defending web applications as a security analyst, or perhaps as a developer seeking to adhere to SDLC practices, you have likely utilized or referenced the OWASP Top 10. Intended first as an awareness mechanism, the Top 10 covers the most critical web application security flaws via consensus reached by a global consortium of application security experts. The OWASP Top 10 promotes managing risk in addition to awareness training, application testing, and remediation. To manage such…

toolsmith: Log Analysis with Highlighter

Reprinted with permission for the author only from the October 2011 ISSA Journal.


Windows operating system (32-bit & 64-bit)
.NET Framework (2.0 or greater)


Readers may recall coverage of Mandiant tools in prior toolsmiths including Red Curtain in December 2007 and Memoryze with Audit Viewer in February 2009.
Mandiant recently released Highlighter 1.1.3, a log file analysis tool that provides a graphical component to log analysis designed to help the analyst identify patterns. “Highlighter also provides a number of features aimed at providing the analyst with mechanisms to discern relevant data from irrelevant data.”
I’m always interested in enhanced log review methodology and have much log content to test Highlighter on; a variety of discovery scenarios proved out well with Highlighter.
As a free utility designed primarily for security analysts and system administrators, Highlighter offers three views of the log data during analysis:
Text view: allows users to h…