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MIR-ROR 2.0 released

MIR-ROR 2.0 has been released as the project has benefited from Jon Mark Allen's (ubahmapk) many contributions, giving MIR-ROR some much needed attention. 
MIR-ROR, or Motile Incident Response - Respond Objectively, Remediate, is a security incident response specialized, command-line script that calls specific Windows Sysinternals tools, as well as some other useful utilities, to provide live capture data for investigation.
You can easily enhance MIR-ROR to your liking with whatever command line tools you find useful. 
For incident response resource, we’ve found it indispensable.
Windows Systinternals licensing prevents us from bundling the tools in a distribution package; you’ll have to retrieve them for yourself. You can download the complete Sysinternals Suite, along with the other utilities needed, and unpack in a preferred directory on your system (C:\tools\MIR-ROR). Check fetch.txt for everything you need to download.
Please feel free to submit suggestions or fixes via Issue Trac…

More Mayhem with Pwn Plug

In my last post regarding Pwn Plug I discussed the features available to those of you who build your own with a Sheevaplug and Pwn Plug Community Edition.
Here I'll give you an overview of some of the additional pwntastic upside you'll benefit from should you choose to buy Pwn Plug Wireless, 3G, or Elite. Wireless will get you an external 1000mW USB ALFA, 3G offers am O2 E160, and an Elite includes 16GB SDHC card for extra storage (along with all the goodies you get with Wireless & 3G). All commercial versions  include support and the Plug UI which makes setup insanely simple. I configured the Pwn Plug I tested for 802.11 evil with the ALFA as seen in Figure 1.

In the Pwn Plug UI (HTTPS over port 8443 by default) I clicked Basic Setup, then Evil AP Config. Figure 2 shows the AMIEVIL SSID coming to life.

This is a GUI configuration method for airbase-ng, specifically airbase-ng -P -C 30 -c 3 -e AMIEVIL -v mon0.
Then all you need to do is follow with Karmetasploit via ./msfc…

toolsmith: Pen Testing with Pwn Plug

Prerequisites Sheevaplug 4GB SD card (needed for installation)

Dedicated to the memory of Tareq Saade 1983-2012: This flesh and bone 
Is just the way that we are tied in 
But there's no one home
I grieve for you –Peter Gabriel 

As you likely know by now given toolsmith’s position at the back of the ISSA Journal, March’s theme is Advanced Threat Concepts and Cyberwarfare. Well, dear reader, for your pwntastic reading pleasure I have just the topic for you. The Pwn Plug can be considered an advanced threat and useful in tactics that certainly resemble cyberwarfare methodology. Of course, those of us in the penetration testing discipline would only ever use such a device to the benefit of our legally engaged targets. A half year ago I read about the Pwn Plug when it was offered in partnership with SANS for students taking vLive versions of SEC560: Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking or SEC660: Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploits, and Ethical Hacking. It seemed v…