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toolsmith: Redline, APT1, and you – we’re all owned

Prerequisites/dependencies Windows OS and .NET 4
Introduction Embrace this simple fact, we’re all owned. Maybe you aren’t right now, but you probably were at some point or will be in the future. “Assume compromise” is a stance I’ve long embraced, if you haven’t climbed aboard this one-way train to reality, I suggest you buy a ticket. If headlines over the last few years weren’t convincing enough, Mandiant’s APT1, Exposing One of China’s Cyber Espionage Units report should serve as your re-education. As richly detailed, comprehensive, and well-written as it is, this report is groundbreaking in the extent of insights on our enemy it elucidates, but not necessarily as a general concept. Our adversary has been amongst us for many, many years and the problem will get much worse before it gets better. They are all up in your grill, people; your ability to defend yourself and your organizations, and to hunt freely and aggressively is the new world order. I am reminded, courtesy of my friend T…