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toolsmith: Implementing Redmine for Secure Project Management

Prerequisites/dependencies VMWare for this methodology or a dedicated installation platform if installed from ISO
Introduction From Redline for March’s toolsmith to Redmine for April’s, we’ll change pace from hacker space to the realm of secure project management. Following is a shortened version of a much longer Redmine study written for the SANS Reading Room as part of graduate school requirements and released jointly with ISSA. Security and collaborative project management should not be exclusive. Software designed to support secure project management and security-oriented projects can be both feature rich and hardened against attacks. Web applications such as Redmine offer just such a solution and can embrace the needs of project managers and security practitioners alike. Redmine is project management and bug tracking software built on Ruby on Rails with a focus on collaboration, functionality, and when enhanced with specific plugins, can be configured securely to facilitate secur…