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toolsmith: C3CM Part 1 – Nfsight with Nfdump and Nfsen

Prerequisites Linux OS –Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS  discussed herein
Introduction I’ve been spending a fair bit of time reading, studying, writing, and presenting as part of Officer Candidate training in the Washington State Guard. When I’m pinned I may be one of the oldest 2nd Lieutenants you’ve ever imagined (most of my contemporaries are Lieutenant Colonels and Colonels) but I will have learned beyond measure. As much of our last drill weekend was spent immersed in Army operations I’ve become quite familiar with Army Field Manuals 5-0 The Operations Process and 1-02 Operational Terms and Graphics. Chapter 2 of FM 1-02, Section 1 includes acronyms and abbreviations and it was there I spotted it, the acronym for command, control, and communications countermeasures: C3CM. This gem is just ripe for use in the cyber security realm and I intend to be the first to do so at length.  C2 analysis may be good enough for most but I say let’s go next level. ;-) Initially, C3CM was most often inten…