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C3CM: Part 2 – Bro with Logstash and Kibana

Prerequisites Linux OS –Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS discussed herein
Introduction In Part 1 of our C3CM discussion we established that, when applied to the practice of combating bots and APTs, C3CM can be utilized to identify, interrupt, and counter the command, control, and communications capabilities of our digital assailants. Where, in part one of this three part series, we utilized Nfsight with Nfdump, Nfsen, and fprobe to conduct our identification phase, we’ll use Bro, Logstash, and Kibana as part of our interrupt phase. Keep in mind that while we’re building our own Ubuntu system to conduct our C3CM activities you can perform much of this work from Doug Burks' outstanding Security Onion (SO). You’ll have to add some packages such as those we did for Part 1, but Bro as described this month is all ready to go on SO. Candidly, I’d be using SO for this entire series if I hadn't already covered it in toolsmith, but I’m also a firm believer in keeping the readership’s Linux foo s…