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toolsmith: HoneyDrive - Honeypots in a Box

Virtualization platform
Late in July, Ioannis Koniaris of BruteForce Lab (Greece) released HoneyDrive 3, the Royal Jelly edition. When Team Cymru’s Steve Santorelli sent out news of same to the Dragon News Bytes list the little light bulb went off in my head. As I prepared to write our ninety-sixth toolsmith for October’s edition I realized I had not once covered any honeypot technology as the primary subject matter for the monthly column. Time to rectify that shortcoming, and thanks to Ioannis (and Steve for the ping on DNB radar screen) we have the perfect muse in HoneyDrive 3. From HoneyDrive 3’s own description, it’s a honeypot Linux distro released as a virtual appliance (OVA) running Xubuntu Desktop 12.04.4 LTS edition which includes over 10 pre-installed and pre-configured honeypot software packages. These includes the Kippo SSH honeypot, Dionaea and Amun malware honeypots, the Honeyd low-interaction honeypot, Glastopf web honeypot and Wordpot, Conpot …