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toolsmith #111: Lovely RITA, may I inquire?

We benefit this month from another offering first spotted via my fellow tool aficionados over at Toolswatch. And just like that, bam! A Beatles song...stuck in my head...all day.The crazy crew at Blackhills Security have embarked on another cool project: Real Intelligence Threat Analysis, or RITA, thus named because "Johns' mom" was already taken.

This is the team who's brought us ADHD (Active Defense Harbinger Distribution and Recon-ng, both prior toolsmith topics. As such, I stalk their site, blog, and Twitteraccounts like a tool nerd possessed, waiting for the next set of interesting bits to drop. RITA is very young in its development life cycle, not yet even two months from its initial release as this is written. That does not mean it should not be brought to your immediate attention. On 4 DEC the Black Hills Info Sec team updated RITA's Bro logs import capabilities, her moment had arrived.
From RITA's "RITA is a toolkit which is intended…

toolsmith #110: Sysinternals vs Kryptic

26 OCT 2015 marked some updates for the venerable Windows Sysinternals tool kit, presenting us with the perfect opportunity to use them in a live malware incident response scenario. Immediately relevant updates include Autoruns v13.5, Sigcheck v2.30, RAMMap v1.4, and Sysmon 3.11.
Quoting directly from the Sysinternals Site Discussion, the updates are as follows:
Autoruns: the most comprehensive autostart viewer and manager available for Windows, now shows 32-bit Office addins and font drivers, and enables re-submission of known images to Virus Total for a new scan.Sigcheck: displays detailed file version information, image signing status, catalog and certificate store contents an now includes updated Windows 10 certificate OIDs, support for checking corresponding MUI (internationalization strings) files for more accurate version data, the version company name, and the signature publisher for signed files.RAMMap: a tool that reports detailed information about physical memory usage, is n…

toolsmith #109: CapLoader network carving from Rekall WinPmem Memory Image

With some of my new found flexibility (not bound to print deadlines) I'm now able to provide near-realtime toolsmith content in direct response to recommendations or interaction via social media (@holisticinfosec), and other avenues. Just another service provided by your friendly neighborhood toolsmith. :-) Such is the case as we discuss Erik Hjelmvik's CapLoader. We're connecting a few strands in our beautifully enmeshed community here. First, we discussed Erik's outstanding NetworkMiner in November 2011. Erik's tools have done nothing but improve since, and CapLoader, as part of those regular improvements, came to fruition to answer the "large file" problem. Second, in May 2015, when I discussed Hunting in-memory adversaries with Rekall and WinPmem I created a fairly sizable memory image (5GB) that included network activity from a compromised host to an attacker-controlled resource. When, via Twitter, I announced that I'm presenting related content…

toolsmith #108: Visualizing Network Data with Network Data

R development environment (R, RStudio)
This month finds us in a new phase for toolsmith as it will not be associated with ISSA or the ISSA Journal any further. Suffice it to say that the ISSA board and management organization decided they no longer wanted to pay the small monthly stipend I’d been receiving since the inception of the toolsmith column. As I am by no means a profiteer, I am also not a charity, so we simply parted ways. All the better I say, as I have been less than satisfied with ISSA as an organization: Ira Winkler and Mary AnnDavidson should serve to define that dissatisfaction. I will say this, however. All dissatisfaction aside, it has been my distinct pleasure to write for the ISSA Journal editor, Thom Barrie, who has been a loyal, dedicated, committed, and capable editor and someone I consider a friend. I will miss our monthly banter, I will miss him, and I thank him most sincerely for these nine years as editor. The ISSA Journal is better for his car…

toolsmith: There Is No Privacy - Hook Analyser vs. Hacking Team

Prerequisites Hook Analyser Windows OS
Introduction As we explore privacy in this month’s ISSA Journal, timing couldn’t be better. Since last we convened, the Hacking Team breach has informed us all that privacy literally is for sale. Hacking Team’s primary product is Remote Control System (RCS), “a solution designed to evade encryption by means of an agent directly installed on the device to monitor. Evidence collection on monitored devices is stealth and transmission of collected data from the device to the RCS server is encrypted and untraceable.” While Hacking Team initially claimed their products are not sold to “governments or to countries blacklisted by the U.S., E.U., U.N., NATO or ASEAN” the data dump made public as result of their breach indicated otherwise. In fact, their customers include major players in finance, energy, and telecommunications. Among all the 0-days and exploits in the Hacking Team dump, it was even discovered that they offered UEFI BIOS rootkit to ensure …

toolsmith: Malware Analysis with REMnux Docker Containers

Prerequisites Docker, runs on Ubuntu, Mac OS X, and Windows
Introduction ISSA Journal’s theme of the month is “Malware and what to do with it”. This invites so many possible smart-alecky responses, including where you can stick it, means by which to smoke it, and a variety of other abuses for the plethora of malware authors whose handy work we so enjoy each and every day of our security professional lives. But alas, that won’t get us further than a few chuckles, so I’ll just share the best summary response I’ve read to date, courtesy of @infosecjerk, and move on. “Security is easy: 1)Don't install malicious software. 2)Don't click bad stuff. 3)Only trust pretty women you don't know. 4)Do what Gartner says.” Wait, now I’m not sure there’s even a reason to continue here. :-)
One of the true benefits of being a SANS Internet Storm Center Handler is working with top notch security industry experts, and one such person is Lenny Zeltser. I’ve enjoyed Lenny’s work for many years; if …