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2014 Toolsmith Tool of the Year: SimpleRisk

Congratulations to Josh Sokol of SimpleRisk, LLC.
SimpleRisk is the 2014 Toolsmith Tool of the Year.
We mustered 933 total votes this year of which 438 went to SimpleRisk.
In Josh's own words, "I began writing SimpleRisk because I needed a tool to aide in my risk management activities and spreadsheets just weren't cutting it. But once I had a POC created, I knew that it was too good to keep to myself. I've always wanted to give back to the security community that has given so much to me. That's why I decided to release SimpleRisk under a Mozilla Public License 2.0. I hope it's as useful to you as it is for me."
Voters agree, SimpleRisk is definitely useful. :-)
Here's how the votes broke down.

Congratulations to all toolsmith entries and participants this year, and in particular to runners up Artillery from Dave Kennedy and Binary Defense Systems and ThreadFix from the Denim Group.
2015 promises us another great year of tools for information security …

toolsmith: Kansa vs Operation Cleaver – PowerShell IR tactics

Prerequisites Windows operating system with Windows Management Framework (includes PowerShell) 4.0. WMF 2.0 and 3.0 work but 4.0 is recommended.
Introduction First of all, Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to a great 2015 and really appreciated your readership and support during the 2014 schedule.
I am both proud and humbled to announce that this is the ISSA Journal’s 100th toolsmith, and 100 consecutive columns at that. It’s really hard to think back to October 2006 and imagine what toolsmith would become; it’s helped shape my career, my personal philosophy, and I believe it has contributed to the improvement of information security practices for numerous individuals and organizations. Nothing makes me happier than hearing from readers with success stories and wins using the numerous and invaluable tools we’ve discussed on these pages. To that end, I’m pleased to cover Kansa for this 100th toolsmith. In his own words, Dave Hull’s Kansa is a modular framework for doing incident respon…