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toolsmith: IoT Fruit - Pineapple and Raspberry

Prerequisites Wifi Pineapple Raspberry Pi 2
Introduction You could call this particular column the Internet of Toolsmith. As much as I am a curmudgeonly buzzword, catch-phrase hater (I lose my mind at RSA and refuse to go any more), the Internet of Things, or IoT is all the rage for good reason. Once obscure items are now connected and as such, at risk. The ability to load a full operating system and a plethora of functionality on a micro device has become trivial thanks to the likes of Raspberry Pi and Arduino. I’d like to point out that the Pwnie Express PwnPlug Elite, built on a Sheevaplug, as discussed in March 2012’s toolsmith, was amongst those devices that met the IoT bar before IoT was all the rage. Kudos to that crazy pack o’ hackers for seeing the imminent future of security challenges with smart devices. In 2013 Chris Clearfield wrote Rethinking Security for the Internet ofThings wherein he stated that “the growing Internet of Things, the connection of physical devices to th…