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toolsmith #108: Visualizing Network Data with Network Data

R development environment (R, RStudio)
This month finds us in a new phase for toolsmith as it will not be associated with ISSA or the ISSA Journal any further. Suffice it to say that the ISSA board and management organization decided they no longer wanted to pay the small monthly stipend I’d been receiving since the inception of the toolsmith column. As I am by no means a profiteer, I am also not a charity, so we simply parted ways. All the better I say, as I have been less than satisfied with ISSA as an organization: Ira Winkler and Mary AnnDavidson should serve to define that dissatisfaction. I will say this, however. All dissatisfaction aside, it has been my distinct pleasure to write for the ISSA Journal editor, Thom Barrie, who has been a loyal, dedicated, committed, and capable editor and someone I consider a friend. I will miss our monthly banter, I will miss him, and I thank him most sincerely for these nine years as editor. The ISSA Journal is better for his car…