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toolsmith #110: Sysinternals vs Kryptic

26 OCT 2015 marked some updates for the venerable Windows Sysinternals tool kit, presenting us with the perfect opportunity to use them in a live malware incident response scenario. Immediately relevant updates include Autoruns v13.5, Sigcheck v2.30, RAMMap v1.4, and Sysmon 3.11.
Quoting directly from the Sysinternals Site Discussion, the updates are as follows:
Autoruns: the most comprehensive autostart viewer and manager available for Windows, now shows 32-bit Office addins and font drivers, and enables re-submission of known images to Virus Total for a new scan.Sigcheck: displays detailed file version information, image signing status, catalog and certificate store contents an now includes updated Windows 10 certificate OIDs, support for checking corresponding MUI (internationalization strings) files for more accurate version data, the version company name, and the signature publisher for signed files.RAMMap: a tool that reports detailed information about physical memory usage, is n…